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About the project
In mid-2013 we opened doors for the first time, our store was inaugurated on June 1, in block Miguel Bombarda, in downtown Porto. At this date we had only articles for baby and children made ​with Organic Cotton. Always with their certificates, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Fair Trade®, that ensure the integrity both Organic and Social on the manufacturing processes of clothes.
The opening of our website was our first showcase to the world, since then, we multiply efforts to maintain a varied range of articles, but now, for all ages, genres, and with new raw materials. In addition to organic cotton, now we have Hemp , Recycled Plastic (PET), Lorica (leather of vegetal origin) and Wool (pure, Merino and Kashmir). 
We can then say that 4nature® has in essence concern for the Environment, the surrounding community and sustainability. The brand presents segmented garments for men, women and children, that appeal to different tastes, personalities and attitudes towards life.
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